When I started conceptualising Zeta, it appeared like a great startup opportunity. Once Bhavin and I started working on it, the canvas began to expand everyday. A great many doors opened to us, each one enabling us in new ways, and soon I stopped seeing this as merely an opportunity. A few months into Zeta, I realized that this is my life’s work.

The impact that Zeta can have in the lives of millions of indians is massive, and we at Zeta want to make the journey itself count, and not just its end. Irrespective of commercial success, it is going to be a memorable one. 🙂

People at Zeta have built custom secure kernels to run our servers, a one of its kind non-repudiable transaction system, algorithms to optimally deliver location based services in a bandwidth constrained country, and a disintermediated transaction system that works completely offline. However, we believe this is just the beginning. We are building the foundation for what we believe could be a platform that will help India and the world transact digitally, easily and securely.

Zeta is a technology company. Not e-commerce, not banking, not travel, not food, not entertainment and not many other things. We are just a serious technology company. As such, we attack problems at the fundamentals. We work on cryptography, complex systems and algorithms. We build simple and elegant software that solves large, everyday problems. Some of these problems have been untouched for decades, and some have been attempted by hundreds of companies with no appreciable result. We believe that solutions to such problems require not only great technology but also great empathy for the users and intimate knowledge of building beautiful and highly usable interfaces. At Zeta, we have gathered some of the most talented people in the country to build products, systems and interfaces. We constantly seek to bring great people into the team who will make us learn more, do more, strive more.

The nuts and bolts of serious technology is usually hidden from the users. I hope that this blog will be a place where we write about the technology we are building, using and learning. Here we would like to discuss some of the intricacies of our products, hear feedback, collaborate with our users and engage with the engineering community at large.

Wow, it feels real special to be writing this first post on zeta.tech blog. 🙂

Wish us good luck! 🙂

Architect and co-founder of Zeta,